Welcome to AOL & SONGGWANGSA Cattery.

Hey, we are Alex and Oli and we are happy to welcome you in these pages!

SONGGWANGSA & AOL (previously Alemars) is a cattery located in Dommartin, Switzerland, and devoted to Japanese Bobtails (JBTs) and Persians. Occasionally we also have litters of Cornish Rex. Our cattery is registered in the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA).
Over the past years, we have been lucky to breed with success cats that made us proud at the shows and blessed us with many awards.

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A lot of contacts and/or friendships have grown up worldwide and all contribute to the realization of the goal leading our breeding programs: producing healthy cats meeting their breed standard and with great personality. Being equally concerned about the wellbeing of our cats than about their health, all our kittens are raised in the family and only leave once fully vaccinated.

Please feel free to contact us for more informations:


Olivier Grin & Aleksejs Dergachovs

Rte du Temple 22
CH-1041 Dommartin
Tel: ++4121/8697200